New york Stories

A short form documentary series

New York Stories, Series Trailer

Director & Producer: Adel Ben Bella - Co-producer: Kevin Christoffersen - Original Theme: 'And then you came into my life' by Nicolas Bikialo


New York Stories is a short form documentary series currently in production. New York Stories aims to create a rich, complex, and culturally diverse portrait of our city by putting thought-provoking, inspirational, educative but also less heard human stories at its center. By crafting intimate portraits of New-Yorkers, whether born here or not, each of our short films will add a piece to a larger puzzle for a vivid and modern portrayal of the city and its inhabitants.

The truth about New York will not necessarily emerge from the words of a single individual, but rather through creating a web of individual stories to deliver an overall and multifaceted portrait of this place so many of us happen to call home. To this end we look for characters that not only are fascinating individuals but who also become our guides in discovering worlds that are significant to our collective experience as New-Yorkers. 

An Iraqi war veteran from Peru in Jackson Heights; a leading force of the Pan-African cultural diaspora in Chelsea originally from Sierra Leone; a Japanese-American photographer and his work on the Lower East Side community gardens. Those are some of the Seeking New York stories in development. New York Stories is about their successes and failures, their hopes for a better life and a better world, but also their awareness of the possible limitations of such an enterprise.