Sleepwalker (2008-2014) - Film

Ottman, the sleepwalker, loses his life in drug deals and paid love on the highways of Northern Europe between Paris and Amsterdam until he meets Ana Marie, ephemeral glow in the night...


2 Songs (2005) - Film

He comes to see America. She's a young photographer in New York. He's an Arab. She's Jewish, Catholic and American... It could have been Love but at the end it's only Life.

Director & Editor: Adel Ben Bella

Starring: Akim Isker, Fani Kolarova & Hocine Choutri

Music: Colin Cromwell Pang

Produced by: Carole Lambert & Carine Ruszniewski

A De Film en Aiguilles/CRRAV Région Nord-Pas de Calais Production

Festivals & Awards

Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, Prix à la Qualité du CNC (CNC Achievement Award)


Director & Editor: Adel Ben Bella

Starring: Hocine Choutri & Heather Christian

Produced by: Adel Ben Bella & Hocine Choutri

Festivals & Awards

Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, Aix-en-Provence Film Festival, Monterrey Film Festival, Aarhus Film Festival 2006 

Jury prize, Aix-en-Provence Film Festival, 2006

Silvia & Omar (Remix 2007)   - Film

Matterhorn - Film

Artwork by Yassine-Marie Ben Bella // Music by Playground // Created & Edited by Adel Ben Bella

This piece was created for digital painter and artist Yassine-Marie Ben Bella's exhibit Matterhorn, mon amour.